A Tender Care Is Loving Care - Baby Skin Care Products

by Ronald Marva on January 02, 2019

We all love our newborns, and as much as we want to give them the proper attention, we often exaggerate on the type of caring we give. Especially for a first born, parents tend to over-buy for their little one in almost all aspects including baby skin care, and unwittingly, irritating the softest skins in the world.    

Bottom line in choosing baby skin care products is to opt for brands that are bland and fragrance-free. The principle "less is more" in skin care definitely applies to caring for baby's vulnerable skin. Some baby skin care products seem to give you skin care ideas that might well be unnecessary. The point is to cleanse baby's skin mildly and let natural oils of the skin do the moisturizing (hey, that's what they are for). Preservatives, dyes, and talc (on the contrary) are not recommended for babies.

A&D has ointments for diaper rash containing these ingredients: petrolatum as base, lanolin, cod liver oil, fragrance, mineral oil, and wax. Aveeno's baby skin care products claim to be fragrance-free and free of agents used in detergent cleansers making them gentle enough for baby's skin. In addition to these babyskin-care productsBaby Magic Baby Care claims to have none of the odor or fragrance among its ingredients. Their lines of products are baby baths and baby lotions at very low prices. Balmex is a diaper rash ointment that uses balsam as its main ingredient, which can possibly irritate baby's skin.

All baby skin care products manufactured by Bobbi Brown Baby Essentials contain a distinct fragrance but you'll find out by reading the ingredients list of their products. The buttermilk soap of Burt's Bees babyproducts is reviewed as having harsh ingredients that tend to dry baby's skin. Also, although buttermilk contains skin nourishments, surely your baby's formula already suffices.

of baby skin care products you might want to try. Just be careful to read the back labels and remember: less is more in baby's skin.


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