Making Your Home Safe For The Baby

by Ronald Marva on June 11, 2018

The very essence of being a parent to keep your baby safe at all times anywhere she or he goes. This includes all the corners of your home from the bedrooms, living room, bathroom and the kitchen. So to speak, you have to baby proof your home for the newest member of the family. There about four major hazards at home that you need to prevent to happen: Fall, suffocation, burns and drowning. These four can happen even if your baby is being watched. You have to ensure that your baby will be kept away from these four, scary turn of events at home.

Fall prevention. It has been reported that 44% of children’s accident at home is due to fall. There are many factors that can cause this accident. If you have stairs at home, this can cause a great threat of your baby falling. That is why stair gates are recommended. Be sure thought that you don’t only have gates at the top but at the bottom as well. Be sure that your stairs gates can be used until your baby is two to three. As long as your baby still doesn’t have the faculties it takes to tread on the stairs safely, gates need to remain there.

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Another cause of fall is baby carriers atop high places. This is because of the sense of security parents thought carriers can provide, they feel they can leave the baby at a counter or atop a table. This is a big no. never ever leave your baby in a carrier anywhere where he or she can go free and fall. Slippery floor can cause fall too. It is safer to install non-slip floor coverings like rubber floor mats. Cover edges of table and chairs as well with cushion so that in case your baby fall towards it, there will be no or lesser injury.

Suffocation and choke watch. Another alarming hazard at home for your baby is suffocation or choking. A baby can get suffocated sleeping beside you. That is why, if you want your baby to close at hand, you have a baby crib placed right beside our bed. Another factor that can cause this accident is crib clutter like blankets and baby pillow. These can cover your baby and suffocate him or her.
It is also best to keep small object away from your baby’s reach. And in feeding your baby, don’t give small cuts that your baby will just swallow; just enough size where your baby will chew. Learn how to do some first aid in case your baby gets choked with food or any other small object.

Burn hazards. Burns are also one of the hazard your baby is susceptible too at home. There are many probable situations wherein your child may get burned like hot coffee on the table and your water heater at home. Coffee atop the table can spill over your baby if your baby pulls the table cover down towards him or her. It is best not to leave your coffee so near the edge of the table. And with babies around, you need to use traveler’s mug where there is a lid to cover the coffee. And of course, never leave hot coffee and baby at the same room, ever.
Set 120 degrees for your water heater at home. You need to do some sacrifice. A baby or a toddler can really suffer a fatal third degree burn in 140 degrees of water pour on them. So it is best you keep your bath water a little cold. Don’t ever leave your baby or toddler alone in a bath tub too. She or he might get curious and turn the hot water on. 


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Bodies of water at home. And lastly, if you have a swimming pool at home, you need to fence it. This is not so much danger with big adult pools, it is actually the kiddy pool the presents a real danger. Sometimes, water from kiddy pools is not poured out after used. A child can easily topple into it. Just like buckets with water or an opened toilet bowl, your toddler can topple head straight into them and they cannot correct their position. That is why it is best not to leave water on the bucket and shut the toilet seat down. As for kiddy pool, either you install fences around it as well or get rid of the water right after use.

Anything that concerns the safety of your baby needs to be looked into. In this case, prevention is the best thing to do.


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