Hygiene Products For Your Babies

by Ronald Marva on December 21, 2018

Like adults, babies should have good hygiene because it will directly affect their health. Since babies have younger and more sensitive skin, they cannot use the same hygiene products that the adults use. Hygiene products with harsh chemicals may trigger allergies that babies can suffer from until they are all grown up. Below are the essential hygiene products for your babies that you should have at home.

Bathing and Skin Care to Prepare

Baby shampoo. Your baby’s shampoo should have only have the mildest ingredients because baby hair is so fine and delicate. Shy away from baby shampoo containing dioxane and quaternium-15 as it releases formaldehyde, the stuff used to embalm corpses. Also, choose a baby shampoo that has a mild scent and is tear-free to avoid crying moments during bath time.

Baby bath liquid or soap. Aside from asking your pediatrician for a doctor-approved brand, you can also find the best baby bath soap just by looking at the list of ingredients. The least additives and fragrance, the better. If ever you notice that your baby’s skin flares up from a regular baby bath liquid or soap, switch to one that’s hypoallergenic or a product that has milk for its base.
Baby lotion and sunscreen. Maintain your baby’s soft and supple skin by applying mild baby lotion after bath time to replace lost moisture. Apply baby lotion that has sunscreen before going out in the sun.

Baby oil. Doctors often recommend applying baby oil to the scalp to relieve cradle cap in younger babies. Meanwhile, you can also apply a warming baby oil all over your baby’s body before bath to keep his body warm and comfortable under bath water.

Oral Care Products for your Baby

Baby toothbrush. Newborns and babies who still don’t have teeth will only need a soft towel for cleaning the gums. When the baby teeth start to appear, you can start using a silicone finger toothbrush which helps you have better control in cleaning your baby’s teeth. For older babies, toddler toothbrushes with soft bristles are most recommended.

Baby toothpaste. Again, younger babies don’t need to have toothpaste to have their gums and teeth cleaned. For older babies, meanwhile, choose baby toothpaste that is fluoride-free so it’s still safe just in case your kid fails to spit it out.

Nappy Care Products for your Baby

Baby wipes. Cleaning up your baby’s bottom with fragrance and alcohol-free diaper wipes. Disposable baby wipes are also more convenient to use especially if you are on the go.

Disposable potty covers and potty mitts. Don’t forget to include disposable potty covers and potty mitts in your diaper bag when going out with your baby. This will guarantee that your baby is protected from germs when using a public toilet.

Other Grooming Products

Wide-toothed comb and baby hair brush. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle wet hair after bathing. Meanwhile, it is best to use a baby hair brush with soft hair-like bristles to groom dry hair.

Baby nail scissors or clippers. For newborns and younger babies, choose a nail scissor with rounded tips to prevent accidentally hurting your baby. You can eventually use baby nail clippers (with a slot to slip your index finger into) once your baby turns older and have harder nails.


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