Geomag Magnetic Toys

by Ronald Marva on April 15, 2019

There are many different types of magnetic toys that can be purchased for children. Most of these toys are extremely fun for children as well as adults. Many of these toys are also educational in addition to being fun, which is great for parents who enjoy educating their children in entertaining ways. Magnetic toys can be purchased from toy stores, educational stores, and online.

Educational magnetic toys can be very useful in the lives of children. They can teach children about geometrical shapes, building structures, magnetism, and the effects of gravity. Most of these magnetic toys are only recommended for children who are five years of age or older. Magnetic toy kits may contain small parts that could be hazardous to small children if swallowed. Therefore, it is best to purchase these toys for older children.

There are a few different types of magnetic toys that can be purchased. One of the most popular types is Geomag. Magz are also popular and are very similar to Geomag. Both of these products can be used to create magnetic structures. Frigits are an example of a different type of magnetic toy because they are used to construct marble courses on a magnetic surface instead of structures.

Geomag is a magnetic toy kit that allows children to build various magnetic structures. It comes with different magnetic shapes, including steel balls and bars for building. The magnetic pieces in each kit are strong, so structures can stay intact, but they can also be put together and taken apart easily. Geomag toys are made in Switzerland and are known to be very durable and high in quality.

There are a few different types of Geomag kits, including a 132 color piece set, a 184 color piece set, a 184 piece glow-in-the-dark kit, a 20 sample size set, and an 86 piece magnetic construction set. You can also purchase a panel kit that includes additional magnetic shapes such as diamonds, squares, triangles, and pentagons. The panel kit can be used in conjunction with any other type of Geomag kit.

Magz magnetic toy kits are similar to Geomag kits because they contain magnetic bars and steel balls for building structures. The basic set includes 56 pieces so you can build small structures. If you need more pieces to make medium or large structures, you can purchase a Mega Magz set which includes 130 of the same magnetic pieces.


Magz sets are unique because each kit comes with different shapes, sizes, and colors of magnetic pieces. The DynaMagz kit has a variety of unique shapes and the Magz X kit has X shapes in addition to the regular shapes. In order to build larger, sturdier structures, you can also purchase a Super Magz kit which contains more pieces and larger bars and balls than other Magz kits.

Frigits magnetic toys allow children to construct marble courses on a vertical, magnetic surface. The pieces in a Frigits kit will work best on flat surfaces such as a refrigerator or filing cabinet. Each Frigits kit comes with magnetic rails, buckets, chutes, a catch box, and a ferris wheel. Children can position these pieces in any fashion that they desire on a magnetic surface. After creating a course, kids can enjoy watching a marble tumble through the formations that they have built.


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